Leads Database, Call Script and Telemarketers: The Key Elements to Effective Telemarketing

Published: 05th July 2011
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Telemarketing, a veteran in the business, can be used to a wide array of services for companies in Singapore. For one, it is operated to conduct market surveys. The use of the telephone works like a charm in knowing what the consumers think about the products and services of the selling companies. On the other hand, a lot of firms rely on it in finding qualified B2B sales leads. Though quite daunting, cold-calling, when done properly, is able in generating sales-ready prospects. It is just one of the few options that business owners have in B2B lead generation. Another work that telemarketing is good at is appointment setting. When convenience, high speed and ease of administering appointments are spoken, it is in the cream of the crop.

Indeed, optimizing the use of the telephone in marketing produces positive results. However, several business organizations in Singapore are not that confident with the way telemarketing performs. They do think that making unsolicited phone calls during business hours does not seem to be inducing. In fact, they are firm in believing that firing cold calls aggravates the prospective clients. Another grave concern is the huge costs in running an in-house call center. It does not take a genius to calculate how expensive an on-site telemarketing can be, from the infrastructure down to utilities. Also, legislations have been strict with regards to this undertaking. The implementation of Do-Not-Call registry has prohibited telemarketers from calling to the enlisted prospects.

There is no denying that there are issues that plagued the use of the telephone. But, it must not discount the fact that telesales gets a high score in terms of reach and response ratios. Nothing can surpass it in connecting with the fresh leads. Even if the prospect is on the other side of the globe, a caller can reach him or her as long as there is a telephone access. Furthermore, a ringing phone induces anyone to answer it, even if the receiver does not know who is on the line. This alone makes it a winning solution in getting more responses. On the other hand, the best way to beat the troubles in telemarketing is to improve its key elements- call guide, telemarketer and leads database. When these three are of high-quality, expect to have a smooth sail in your quest to success
1. Leads database. Although telemarketing in Singapore may cover only a small area, tending to a thousand or million prospects is downright difficult. First, you do not know when and where to start. Second, how about international clients? Of course you will include them in your list. Third, you are battling with time. You have to speed up your mission of generating qualified sales leads before you run out of resources. But, you can still achieve precision targeting and high-speed performance if you obtain a leads database-a list of business contact information. Just be sure that the contact list is complete, updated, accurate and targeted.

2. Call script. More often than not, the reception to cold-calls is not welcoming. This cold treatment from the prospects can be changed into rapport and friendly relationship if your agents use an effective call script. A call guide must contain the most relevant questions to ask in order to get the intended information. Also, it must be written in a way that connects with the prospects so that a dialogue will happen. It is advised that an agent should do a research about the client and its business to build rapport and trust.

3. Telemarketers. The results of the strategies formulated depend on the competencies and attitude of the telemarketers. Whether the call receiver is bad-tempered or good-natured, the agents must show great respect and appreciation for the opportunity to talk with the leads. Their competencies can be sharpened through trainings and experience. Besides, they ought to show their professionalism through good speech and delivery, not sounding rehearsed or tensed. After all, they do talk with the decision-makers of a business entity.

Even if companies in Singapore can manage to develop the essential requisites of telemarketing, they are being pulled down by the huge expenses. This can be easily eliminated by seeking professional assistance from a reputable call center company. Outsourcing serves as the best way to save money.

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